Eternal bond of the gentle giants

We talk about family and how close one is with their parents or siblings or friends. Its not only humans who have such close bonds. The animal kingdom too shares such close associations.

Elephants in particular are very social animals and live in large or smaller herds which usually consist of females and young ones. The herd is captained by an older cow elephant called the ‘matriarch’.

Close knit family| A herd with two calves quench their thirst at a stream

It is not just the mother who is protective of her calf. The other female elephants in the herd are equally protective and caring for the young ones.

Canon 1D Mark 4, Canon 500 f4, ISO 800, f4, 1/125 secs, Av mode
Mommy dearest | The calf reaches out to its mother at a salt lick

In the truest sense of family, it’s not just adults being protective of the young ones but adults also communicate with each other and watch out for the herd.

Trunk call | Two tuskers communicating by touch

These gentle giants are not so different from humans when it comes to survival. They are aware of the fact that family is important for the overall survival of their species.


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