When less is more 

A meeting at a photo exhibition led to plans of going in search of the common kestrel. We (Vinay, Mahesh and I) reached Hessarghatta early in the morning looking for the kestrel. A chance sighting on a kestrel happened and from a safe distance we started shooting. Vinay was very kind to offer his telephoto lens and camera equipment to shoot the raptor as I had brought only a zoom lens along.

Lesser Kestrel | Hessarghatta, Oct 2012

Few frames later and inspection of pictures, Mahesh excitedly announced, it’s not a common kestrel but a rarer passing migrant called Lesser Kestrel. A wonderful hour or two we spent with the kestrel making images to our heart’s content. Later that evening, we saw the kestrel sitting on a stone. Crawling our way towards the kestrel slowly, we made a few ground level images too.

Going in search of the common kestrel and to be treated to an encounter with the lesser kestrel remains as one of the highs of my birding and photography experiences. Hence in the truest sense, Less is More! .

Note: The nails on the talon of the lesser kestrel is pale yellow and not black like the common kestrel. The easiest way to differentiate between the two species.

Shot with: Canon 500 f4 IS + 1D Mark 3 


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