Blue tails of Mysore

A phone call from friends in Coimbatore and a plan was devised – to photograph Blue-tailed Bee-eater in the outskirts of Mysore.

We reached Mysore by lunch, killed time at a roadside restaurant and as the harshness of the sun reduced, we left for the spot where bee-eaters are usually found. At the site, we set up the photography hide, our cameras and of course a perch for the birds.

beeeater_bt_couple_img_3886-2012-05-02 Soon after we settled in our hide, the bee-eaters activityheightened – some landing on the perch, some with bees between their beak, others with dragonflies. On some occasions even the Green Bee-eater would perch and offer a few poses. The set up allowed us more freedom to experiment with different camera settings, try flying shots, capture some action filled frames.


The frequent activity gave us ample opportunity to make lovely images of this colourful species. We went back to the same spot early in the next morning, made some more images and then bade goodbye.


Photo-taker and Bee-eater | A photographer sits at a safe distance waiting for action


All photographs shot with: Canon 40D, 300 2.8 IS II + 2x TC


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