Lightning strikes twice | Part Two

After my futile attempts during the first sighting, the vehicle stopped after a few hundred meters. Whispers of leopard! leopard! was all I could hear. After scanning the whole perimeter, I couldn’t locate the leopard. I looked towards the driver and he was pointing the camera towards a tree. This young leopard was looking directly at us, least bothered with our presence. As if the leopard had spotted us and not the other way round.


Hypnotic Eyes


On an open perch, posing for us, it made the perfect horizontal frame until I realized I would not get the full tail at 400mm. That’s how I ended up with a vertical frame.


And the leopard was bored of posing. Got down from the tree and walked away…


The entire sighting lasted for about 1.5 mins. It seemed like a lifetime. First a leopard in my backyard, then two leopards on trees on one safari! That is what I call a Dream Come True!

Shot details: (ISO 1000, f5.6, EC -0.3, Aperture Priority)


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